Vangelis Ilias (b. 1969) is one of those sculptors who insist on making Art traditionally,

but without rejecting contemporary trends.

His merchandised sculpture often concerns busts, which he embodies realistically by representing the peculiarity and idiosyncrasy of each character.

On the contrary, his creative art involves creations that represent the plasticity of the figures and the subject is mainly anthropocentric.

For his artworks, he uses environmentally friendly materials.

He has numerous exhibitions and honorable mentions in artistic competitions.

In 1993 he graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

As soon as he graduated, Vangelis started his own sculpture art lab,

in Athens GR, that he still runs today.

He is also a member of the Association of Greek Sculptors (AGS) and Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (CFAG)


December 2019, ART BASEL, Miami USA

September 2019, “Sculpture”, Group Exhibition – EETE, Byzantine & Christianity Museum

December 2018, “Mediterranean”, Fine Arts Exhibition – EETE, Piraeus Municipality Gallery

November 2018, “Images without a horizon”, Group Art Exhibition, Trii Art Hub

October 2018, “The Image and the Glance”, Group Art Exhibition, Trii Art Hub

October 2018, “Small Sculpture”, Group Exhibition – EETE, Byzantine Museum

February 2018, “Uplift” Group Exhibition, Gallery of Piraeus Municipality

Spring 2013, Art Exhibition in Nea Smyrni Grove, Municipality of Nea Smyrni

December 2009, Biennale Di Firenze, Florence, Italy

December 2006, Group Tours Exhibition, Sculpture Gallery, Corfu, Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu, Greece

December 2006, “Mythology” Association of Greek Sculptors

August 2004, “Olympic Sculpture Trilogy”, Association of Greek Sculptors

August 2003, “Mythology”, Association of Greek Sculptors

July 2002, Group Art Exhibition, Municipality of Leonidio

August 2001, Group Tours Exhibition, Ionian Center – Plaka, Association of Greek Sculptors